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If you’re anything like us your phone now has multiple uses – phone, camera, video recorder, and this clever little gadget, the Spiderpodium from  Breffo, will hold your phone in just the right place to allow you to take the perfect photo or record that awesome video.  It can hold your MP3 player, your sat-nav, your e-reader, your Nintendo DS.


So how does it work?  The Spiderpodium is made of fully flexible, soft-touch rubber and has 8 legs, and a docking platform, compatible with most handheld gadgets out there.  Simply grip your gadget with the flexible legs and there you have a tripod, or wind it round the frame of your bike, put your smartphone on the dock, and set it to record, and film your great adventure.


I like the idea of being able to set up my camera on the dashboard ready to take tripod quality photos on the move.


The Spiderpodium comes in a range of 8 colours, so there’s bound to be one to match your van.

The Breffo Spiderpodium is available online at Amazon from £9.50

Breffo, the company who designed the Spiderpodium, are based in Cardiff and the Spiderpodium is manufactured here in the UK.  You can read more about them on their website,



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