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Autumn’s here, or so it felt when I went out in the garden early this morning, crisp and definitely cooler.  Some of you will be thinking of putting your motorhome back into storage for the winter.  Don’t.  Why not keep truckin’ all year long.  Loads of campsites stay open all year round and it’s easier to heat your van than it is to heat your whole of my house.  Wrap up warm and keep adventuring.

Here are my must have’s for surviving those chilly days and even chillier nights.

Extra Blankets

I’ve got a lovely warm duvet on my fixed bed but you can’t beat some extra layers when the temperature plummets below freezing.  The extra weight also makes you feel more snug.  So pack a few blankets or throws.  This one looks very cosy.


Luxury Plush Throw from John Lewis – £50


Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle can be put to work before you get into bed, gently warming those cold, ever so slightly damp sheets, or it can give you that instant, ever so slightly burning sensation on the soles of your feet.  You can get covers for your hottie but I like mine plain and simple.



Double Ribbed Hot Water Bottle from Argos – £7.99



Sometimes a little extra heat comes in handy, just enough to boost the temperature another degree and you can’t beat an oil filled electric radiator if you’re on hook-up.  They’re more efficient than a fan heater as they use electricity to warm the oil which then stays warm, so they should use less electricity.  You can get portable ones and this DeLonghi 500w shouldn’t bust your electricity allowance.


DeLonghi Bambino Oil Fired Radiator from Amazon – £49


Fleece Jacket

Sitting round in the evening calls for extra layers and this Rab double pile fleece jacket comes very highly recommended.  I think it’s even been reviewed on this site.  Yep, Annette owns one and when my inferior fleece jacket wears out I think I’ll treat myself to one too.


Rab Double Pile Jacket from Amazon – £66



Yes, I know, deeply un-cool, but freezing feet is even worse, and hey, whose going to see you.  I have it on good authority that Homey slippers are acceptable for the discerning camper and they’ve got a great website with loads of colours to choose from.



Homey Slippers from £20



Keeping your head warm really does make a difference when the temperature dips and having a hat that keeps your ears warm too is a bit of a bonus.  I like this one because it does both.




ASOS Trapper Hat – £16



I speak from experience when I say that doing anything on the outside of your van in winter in a pair of woolly gloves is deeply unsatisfactory.  It’s usually damp, if not actually raining, and trying to un-lock lockers or get your hook-up plugged in with numb fingers is horrid.  So my advice is to splash out on a good pair of weatherproof gloves which still allow you to move your fingers.



SealSkinz do a good range of gloves – take a look here


Warm Boots

Get yourself a pair of warm wellies for trudging over to the shower block on cold and frosty mornings.  A mid-calf length boot is easier to get on and off so I’ve ordered my self a pair of these …



Warm Wellington Boots from £21.99 at Amazon


I’ve had a few mid-winter adventures in my motorhome and just to prove it, here’s a photo taken just outside Madrid one delightful morning in February 2013 …


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