Joseph Joseph Wash & Drain Washing-Up Bowl

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I was in the scrum of Christmas shoppers in John Lewis, Cribbs Causeway yesterday.  It was chaotic, I was feeling very frazzled (I hate crowds in shops), and I was struggling with what to buy various relatives that I never clap eyes on from one year to the next, when I saw this amazing Joseph Joseph Wash & Drain Washing-Up Bowl.  I had to remind myself that I was shopping for other people and not for kit for my new motorhome.

Washing-up in the van is always a bit of a nuisance,  the bowl is quite small and I splash water all over the place.  I like washing-up at the campsite’s own sinks but in the winter when it’s cold and dark I just can’t bring myself to go outside.  So the Wash & Drain bowl looks the perfect thing.


It’s big enough to wash-up dinner plates and pans and has straight, high sides to stop the slopping of water.    You can fill the bowl with water and then take it wherever you like to do the washing-up.  Once you’ve finished you can stand it over the van’s sink and then take the plug out.  What could be simpler?  The plug can strain the water so all those bits of food don’t get caught in your plumbing either.

I’ve read the reviews on the internet and most people seem to say the same – expensive but a great product.

Joseph Joseph products always look so beautiful – proved by the fact that I want a washing-up bowl for Christmas!

Joseph Joseph Wash & Drain Washing-Up Bowl – available from John Lewis at £28.00

December 4, 2013 |

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