Etsy Pick: Upcycled Jumper Floor Cushions

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I’ve been pondering a pouffe or floor cushion for the van for a while now, and I think I may just have found something to tempt me with these gorgeous woollen floor cushions made from old jumpers.

The seating in the van is all very comfy, but I’m a bit of a shorty, so it’s quite tricky to get perfectly comfy without something to put my feet on. The perfect thing can’t be too high, otherwise that would be as bad as no cushion at all.  And it can’t weigh much or take up too much room.  I think these cushions fit the bill 100% because they could store easily behind the rear captain’s chair, or tucked away on top of the drop-down bed when not in use.

Sarah Hepworth of York makes these lovely cushions from old jumpers, so stock is constantly changing.  You can contact here before buying to discuss your ideal colour scheme, and she can even try to source the perfect jumper for you.


November 10, 2011 |

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