Christmas Gadget Gifts Under £100

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Here at Campingly we’re partial to a good gadget.  We usually manage to avoid buying the latest thing by calculating how many nights camping the cost of said gadget would be equal to, and we decide we’d rather have the camping than the gadget.  However, Christmas is coming and here are some gadgets that outdoorsy people might like to find in their stockings, and all for under £100.  We’ve also done a Christmas list of gadgets under a fiver if your budget is tight.

If you know someone like me who doesn’t know one end of an Ordnance Survey map from the other, then a handheld GPS device might be just the thing.  Check out the Garmin Dakota 10 Handheld GPS – Amazon from £94.98


Last time we went away travelling in Europe for six months the only books I could get my hands on were Jackie Collins blockbusters and the complete works of  Martina Cole.  So a Kindle would definitely be a worthwhile gadget for anyone who loves a good read.

Amazon Kindle from £69.00


Don’t you just find it really annoying if you’ve just settled down on the sandy beach next to your campsite with a good book and a beer only to realise you’ve forgotten the sun tan lotion.  Well fear not.  With these handy walkie talkies you can just radio back to base and get your travel buddy to bring the lotion to you.  These walkie talkies from Motorola probably need to be used sparingly!!


 I’ve got a little Nikon Coolpix digital camera that I take everywhere with me that I’ve had for about  five years now, and it’s still going strong.  With lots of the pocket sized cameras giving great results, it’s a really handy thing to take with you on days out.  The Nikon Coolpix S3500 looks like a great buy from John Lewis at £79.99.


A robust watch is a must when you’re camping.  Something that can stand up to a few knocks and is water resistant.  The Casio GA-100-1A1 ER men’s G-Shock watch fits the bill nicely.  It has a stopwatch, alarm and light, water resistant to 200m and has the rugged G-Shock design that makes the Casio G-Shock range so popular.  Available from Amazon from £69.00.


I love listening to the radio but rarely get the chance to enjoy all the plays and comedy series that are broadcast when I’m at home as there’s always something else to do, or the TV’s on.  When I’m off on my travels in my van I always make sure I’ve got my radio with me, where life is less hectic and there are fewer distractions.  I’ve got a Roberts radio and the Roberts Ecologic 1 DAB/FM portable radio looks good as it comes with re-chargeable batteries.  Available from John Lewis at £59.95.  It will look neat in any caravan or motorhome too.


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