Best Campsites For London 2012

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It’s not long now until the London Olympics and Paralympics are upon us.   If you’re lucky enough to have tickets, you’re probably already wondering about what camping options there are for the trip. Some nearby sites have already realised that they need to get marketing already, whilst some other sites are just as convenient but aren’t selling themselves as London 2012 campsites.

There also seem to be a number of new ‘campsites’ springing up specifically for the Olympics.  Having dug a little into the background of the first campsite I came across advertising on Google, I think it’s fair to say ‘buyer beware’.  If you find a site advertising on Google, do some homework to ensure it is a lawful campsite with the required planning consents, safety equipment and so on.  If possible, it might even be worth visiting the site well in advance to check it’s all above board and that you trust it to be there come next June!

Here’s a quick roundup of sites that should be worth a look:

If you’re not a member of either The Caravan Club or The Camping & Caravanning Club, finding a campsite for the Olympic Games may just be the perfect reason to join one (or both!) of these clubs.

It’s likely that there will be quite a few ‘pop-up’ campsites springing up over the next few months to cater for the Olympic demand, but bear in mind that many of them will be tents-only sites.  If you can book now, I’d reccommend it!

And one more word of caution – by the time the Olympics start, the whole of the area inside the M25 will be a Low Emission Zone – with many motorhome owners finding that their vans are not compliant.  If your van isn’t compliant and you enter the zone, you risk a £100 per day penalty charge.  Check your vehicle’s registration here.

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