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Campingly: the travel and lifestyle blog for motorhomes, camper vans and caravans.

AnnetteI’m Annette, a 40-something business owner and IT-type from Bristol, UK. I love travelling, being outdoors and seeing and doing new stuff all the time. I also like my creature comforts, as well as cool gear and gadgets and great food and wine. I’m not designed, ergonomically or mentally, for the kind of travel that involves backpacks, hostels or all-inclusive resort holidays (last resort holidays?).

Van camping is where it’s at for me – I can travel in comfort, and style. I can go where I want to go, do what I want to do (is that a song?), and I can meet friendly people along the way, people who love this way of travelling too.

In April 2012, I set off with my partner, in our camper, on a year-long trip. A mid-life gap year, if you will. Once we’d decided to take this gap year, I knew myself well enough to realise that if I’m taking a year off work, I’d need “a project” to focus on…something fun, interesting and that fits with this year of travelling. And so Campingly.com was born.

I want Campingly to make van travel appeal to people of all ages, with practical information, helpful reviews and lively tales of the people and places I encounter.

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I’m never paid to provide a certain opinion. My reviews will always say if I have bought an item myself, been sent it to review, or if I’ve simply spotted it out there on the web and consider it worthy of your attention. My reviews will always be 100% honest, regardless.

Additionally, our travel fund is helped along by the adverts you see on this blog, and by affiliate links to certain products I feature. Anything I feature at Campingly will always be something I think is great – I’d never recommend something that I didn’t think was genuinely of interest to you.

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