7 Clever Gadgets To Save Space In Your Motorhome

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7 Clever Gadgets to save space in your motorhome

Unless you’re the world’s lightest packer, it’s a simple fact that there’s just never enough storage space in a motorhome. Or, if you do have plenty of cupboard space, those cupboards never really seem to be quite the right size and shape to get the most out of them.  Add to that the size of the kitchen work surfaces in most motorhomes, and it’s easy to see that you have to think a little crafty to really make use of every last inch of storage in your van.  This round-up of nifty space-saving ideas should help:

  1. Stacking Stainless Steel Tea & Coffee Canisters

    Stainless Steel Stacking Canisters
    Every camper needs easy access to the tea and coffee facilities – save work surface space with these unbreakable stacking canisters.  Get them here for around £16.00

  2. Stacking Melamine Mugs

    Colourful stacking melamine mugs
    No matter how many times you try, those overhead lockers don’t store many cups – this might be the answer. Pick n mix stacking melamine mugs, available from Amazon for £3.95 each

  3. Collapsible Kettle

    Collapsible Kettle
    Kettles can be pesky when it comes to storage – ours takes up a whole shelf because of its shelf.  A nifty collapsing kettle might help. Get it here fro £22.99. 

  4. Adapt-A-Shelf Expanding Shelf

    Expanding Shelf
    Now this is really clever…add an extra shelf to your cupboard to exactly the width you want. Available from Lakeland, at £14.99

  5. Stainless Steel Kitchen Roll Holder

    Stainless Steel Kitchen Roll HolderWe had one of these in our second van, and it was a revolution! Mount it under your overhead cupboards, but make sure it’s plenty far enough away from the hob! Get it here for £12.99.|\

  6. Slide-out Spice Rack

    Slide Out Spice RackThe secret to fantastic on-the-road camp cooking is a well-stocked spice rack. Get your organised with a nifty pull-out spice storage gizmo

  7. Fridge Drinks Can Stacker

    Drinks Can Stacker For The FridgeIt’s not the most stylish thing in the world, but it does the job.  Get it here for £8.95. 

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